Vinyl Dolls

If you’re looking for dolls that are nice to the touch and easy to play with, vinyl dolls are the type for you.

What are Vinyl Dolls?

Without getting too technical (not that I could), vinyl is plastic. But, not all plastic is created equal. Some plastics are hard and unbending. Vinyl plastic is soft and pliable. It is used for many everyday items. In this case, for dolls. For an example of a hard plastic, think of a telephone. For a soft plastic, think about a barbie doll. Notice that on the doll you could bend her fingers without it breaking. Also, it has a nice feel. Earlier versions of vinyl dolls had a habit of fading a bit over time. Bit, modern vinyl dolls are a better grade and do not have that problem.

History of Vinyl Dollsvinyl-dolls

Vinyls dolls came about around 1955. They couldn’t have come too soon because prior to this innovation, dolls were primarily made of porcelain or hard plastic. Porcelain dolls are obviously not appropriate for play dolls, so hard plastic dolls were the most popular play dolls. Although these dolls were very durable, they had problems. First was that they were hard to the touch. Others were that they sometimes split as the plastic dried. Another big problem was that hair could not be inserted in the plastic, so wigs were use for the. This was not helpful for little girls who wanted to brush their hair.

Types of Vinyl Dolls

So many dolls and types of dolls are made of vinyl. Besides the previously mentioned Barbie Doll, most dolls that are pose-able and ball-jointed are made of vinyl. Also, most dolls that are considered baby dolls are also vinyl dolls. And, though you’s think that a realistic doll would be made of porcelain, surprisingly, most of them are also vinyl dolls. Finally, reborn dolls are also made of vinyl.